Inline hockey goalie pads knee sizing

inline hockey goalie pads
X (cm/inches) Size
42.5cm / 17″ 34
45cm / 18″ 35
47.5cm / 19″ 36
50cm / 20″ 37
52.5cm / 21″ 38

Inline hockey goalie pads thighrise sizing

inline goalie pads thigrise
T (cm/inches) Size
23cm / 9″ +1
25.5cm / 10″ +2
28cm / 11″ +3

Please measure your old thighrise and adjust the length according to your needs.

NOTE: The optimal size of a thigh rise on your inline hockey goalie pads depends on the width and flexibility of your hips; it does not depend on the length of your femur (thigh bone). A thigh rise that is not in proportion with the width of your hips can hinder mobility and increase the possibility of injury.